Janice Duplisea

Janice Duplisea

Co-Founder | Class2Career

Janice Duplisea has worked in corporate America for over 40 years.   She started her career with Xerox Corporation and held many positions including being a Managing Partner managing sales, service and administration for Xerox in New England. She later started her own business, Document Technologies Inc, which has been in business for 24 years in Massachusetts.

Becoming involved in Class2Career has been a passion for Ms. Duplisea. She wanted to create a tool that would level the playing field for all applicants to have an opportunity to compete against those that might have a social edge. Her attraction to hire those who have had a more difficult path to achieve objectives has become her call to action and is demonstrated in the product she helped develop.

Janice lives with her husband, Bill, in Newton, Massachusetts. She has two sons, William and Anthony who reside in Manhattan.

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