Dr. Brittany Chambers

Dr. Brittany Chambers

Dr. Brittany Chambers

Dr. Brittany Sachi Chambers is a researcher and education advocate, who graduated from Teachers College Columbia University with a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership and Adult Learning. Dr. Chambers’ dissertation research aimed to analyze Black tech entrepreneurs’ perceptions of how they overcome barriers in launching and growing their businesses since reports share that roughly 1% receive funding to scale.


Since its inception, Dr. Chambers’ research has gone on to receive awards nationally at Facebook Headquarters for South By South West (SXSW) and locally from NY City Council, NY State Senate, and NYC’s Mayor for its contributions to improving the tech and related fields. Her published research titled Creating a Voice for Black Tech Entrepreneurs in Academic Literature can be found online and in a Forbes Under 30 related feature deemed to further its message.


For a decade prior to releasing this work, Dr. Chambers supported countless underserved communities as Learning and Engagement Manager at her family’s nonprofit foundation and martial arts studio that have collectively operated for over a decade. Dr. Chambers has truly been inspired by the role she saw entrepreneurship play in bridging educational and economic divides for her family and community.


More recently, Dr. Chambers joined Ethos a non-profit organization that provides financial literacy and entrepreneurial education courses, as well as impact analysis assessments for corporations and colleges across the country. At Ethos, Dr. Chambers serves as the Entrepreneurialism Research and Curriculum Director. In addition to joining the Ethos team, Dr. Chambers was recruited by Forbes Magazine to serve as an online contributing writer for ForbesWomen. At Forbes, she has the opportunity to continue the dialogue of bridging the gaps in access to resources and knowledge for entrepreneurial populations often perceived as at the margin.




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