Coretta Ryan #IRLCONN 2018
Director of Sponsorships #IRLCONN

Coretta Ryan is an entrepreneur, creative thinker, writer, brand builder, strategic marketer, innovator, dreamer, networker, and explorer; a woman passionate about life. Born and raised on the tiny volcanic island of Montserrat, West Indies. After three near death occurrences all before the age of 12, she realized life is a gift and made a promise to explore all possibilities. In 1996, after several violent eruptions from the Soufriere Hills volcano, her family decided to move to New York.

In 2006, Coretta graduated from Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire with a B.A. in English, concentration in Creative Writing; minor in Media Studies. Soon after moving back to New York, she began work with “Fire Eye Entertainment” as public relations officer; a startup company focused on event/artist development, music production, promotional merchandising, marketing and branding all composed of mutual friends from New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, Connecticut, and Atlanta. Fire Eye Entertainment established a name on college campuses throughout
these locations by creating, executing campus parties, battle of emcees, participating in Week, and The Urban world Film Festival in its short two year run.

In 2008, she started work with a lifestyle blog, Frontier located in Washington, DC, handling all public relations working virtually using the internet, and innovative marketing for three years. She helped develop indie music artists, a campaign called ObamaMania to help motivate young adults to vote for President Obama. Working with brands such as Acropolis, Diesel and Jansport, coordinating interviews with Nipsey Hussle; Rosa Acosta and Tammy Torres helped gain recognition with its followers and brands alike.

Utilizing her experiences, she started her own consulting boutique firm; Coretta Ryan Public Relations (CRPR) in 2010. Since 2010, Coretta has worked with a diverse pool of clients, covering areas in non-profit, music, beauty, real estate and fashion. In 2013, she decided to focus on her strength as a brand consultant, creative project manager, and strategist offering her clients a custom tailored service in these areas.

Currently, Coretta is steadily expanding her business and currently works with a variety of clients helping them fine tune, enhance, and execute their business initiatives.